Albuquerque apartment Commute
October 26, 2017

One of the most important factors in finding a new place to live is locating a home that’s near work, school, and entertainment. It’s not uncommon for families to choose a long commute over a short commute to get access to a nice house, but sometimes living in an apartment or living in a small residence right next door to work or school is worth it.

Here are some details on the commutes seen by the average worker in Albuquerque, as well as some targeted information about the commutes of residents in and around the neighborhood of the Dorado Heights Albuquerque apartment community.

Commuting Times in Albuquerque and Near Dorado Heights

Zip Atlas offers a fascinating look at commuting times inside the various zip codes in Albuquerque. Overall, commuting times in Albuquerque across all zip codes vary from 12.5 minutes in 87116 to 24.4 minutes in 87114. Nationally, the length of commutes in Albuquerque range from 31,173rd in the nation to 18,140th in the nation. Some of the longest commutes in Albuquerque come from within its most densely populated areas, and the shortest commuting times are located in the most rural sections.

Zip code 87111, which is home to the Albuquerque apartments of Dorado Heights, comes in 6th in Albuquerque for the average length of commutes for its residents. More than 54,000 people live in the zip code and travel for an average of 21.5 minutes to work each day. That puts the zip code at 23,440th in the nation for the average commuting time.

Choosing a Zip Code by Simulating the Commute

Looking at the average commuting times online is a helpful tactic for narrowing down the different areas where you might want to live. However, visiting the area can also offer valuable insight into what the commute might feel like or how 20 minutes in one neighborhood might feel completely different in another neighborhood.

For example, if you have a commute that takes 20 minutes and is completed primarily on small roads or suburban streets, it might feel a little less stressful than a commute that takes place mostly on busy freeways or the mass transit system of a downtown neighborhood. If you can visit Albuquerque before you relocate permanently to the city, you may be able to choose the best zip code for a tidy and low-stress commute.

Living at Dorado Heights Albuquerque Apartment

Are you thinking about moving to Albuquerque? Here’s what U.S. News & World Report has to say about the city’s livability:

“Albuquerque offers quick access to outdoor recreation, such as hiking, mountain biking and even skiing in the Sandia Mountains that border the metro area to the east. The Rio Grande that flows through the city center is a playground for kayakers, and miles of walking and cycling trails wind through its wooded banks.”

Nationwide, Albuquerque is ranked 74th in the publication’s “Best Places to Live” and 91st in “Best Places to Retire.”

If Albuquerque is on your list of maybes for a new place to live, we’d love to see you take a tour of Dorado Heights. We think our location offers the best of what Albuquerque apartment living has to offer, and we’re sure one of our floor plans will appeal to you and your family. Get in touch today to arrange a visit.